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Robert Shaw conducting the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, early 1960's, Copyright Joseph Reshower deCasseres and Photo Collections and Archives, 2007. This photograph is included in the 50th Anniversary publication of the National Endowment for the Arts. A unique print, the movement of the baton was captured in the photograph. The apparent movement of the violinists in the foreground was created by slightly moving the negative in the enlarger before giving the foreground more exposure in the darkroom, creating a slight blur.

A group of photographs by DeCasseres

Joseph Reshower deCasseres

A member of the last graduating class of the Clarence White School of Photography in New York City, Joe Reshower assumed the last name of his uncle, the famed writer Benjamin deCasseres as his "pen" name in the early 1940's. Trained in the famed school, he made the assignment trek to meet Alfred Stieglitz, who had been an early friend of the now deceased Clarence White. After his formal education, Joe worked for a while with the photographer Elliot Ellisofon on such projects as the 1939 Worlds Fair and a Georgia to Maine documentation of the Appalachian trail for Life Magazine. They both worked closely with Edward Steichen, then curator at the Museum of Modern Art. Joe worked as an advertising photographer in New York during the forties and fifties. In the early 1960's he decided to move from New York to Atlanta. Searching for a connection to the arts and culture, where Atlanta stood relatively in the backwoods compared to New York City, Joe began volunteering with the Atlanta arts community, photographing extensively with the Atlanta Symphony, Piedmont Park Arts Festival, Galleries, and a variety of Dance and Theatre Perfomances. Joe eventually wound down his commercial photography business and taught photography for many years in the Department of Architecture at Georgia Tech. Joe died in January, 2005.

detail from a 1934 photograph taken by a young dedicated photographer...........

with Tommy Dorsey playing the Paramount, a 1938 anti war protest in Times Square...........

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First Glimpse - a portfolio of rare - NEVER published photographs of Coretta Scott King

In support of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King performed in a historical series of concerts, called the Freedom Concerts at several venues around the United States. One of these photographs of Mrs. King in her formal gown, was used on the program cover of the concert. The original prints and negatives from this sitting have been long lost and only recently rediscovered. Perfomed in 1964, The Freedom Concerts, were a presentation of the story of the struggle for civil rights, in song and story. The concerts raised funds to help finance the civil rights struggle of the SCLC and Dr. Martin Luther King.

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After moving to Atlanta in the early 1960's Joseph Reshower de Casseres devoted much attention to the documentation of the arts, with portraits such as Flannery O'Connor, photographs of Ballet, Opera, Dance, The Atlanta Arts Festival, in addition to extensive documentation of the Woodruff Arts Center and the Atlanta Symphony.

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A visit to Andalusia with Flannery O'Connor

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Jack Benny in Atlanta, 1965.

With his fondness for the violin Jack Benny performed in fundraisers around the country to benefit local symphony orchestras. deCasseres documented the Atlanta Symphony as it evolved from a small local Orchestra of volunters through the years with conducter Robert Shaw. His exhibition "The Growing Years" was place in Symphony Hall, but sadly the opening was scheduled to begin 6 hours after the Symphony Orchestra walked out on strike! E-Mail for information and prints!

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